Cassandra Hamilton

Individual sessionsĀ are tailored to the client. Cassandra's techniques make it delightful for people to shift perspectives and unfold to new ways of thinking and being. Her goal is for clients to emerge from a session excited for the inquiry done and the next actions choosen.

Sessions can include dreamwork, divination, storytelling, making art, using the medicine wheel as a compass, aidĀ in death and dying, mediumship, life planning and macrobiotic dietary changes. But first the issue needs to be stated. Then there's discussion about choice of methods to address it. Only when there's agreement on a plan of inquiry does the session move into exploring the issue further. It is always understood that the client is the authority of their life dream. Cassandra only provides methods to help unfold new awareness and possibility. Always, the client leaves with an action plan they determined and feel comfortable implementing. Action plans can be small, such as posting a phrase to big, such as visiting a person to mend a broken relationship or shifting a big life plan -- or any where in between.

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