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Schedule a 1-on-1 session
Enjoy 2 hours dedicated to your life or dream issue. Depending on your issue, you'll choose from intentional dreaming, divination, medicine wheel, shamanic extraction, soul retrieval, art play and dream theater. Issues related death, dying and the afterlife may require multiple methods in this one session. Health issues may benefit from a seperate macrobiotic counseling session. After purchasing this option, you'll be contacted within two business days to schedule your private session.
​Special pricing: $60

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Dreaming to Your Future Business
May 6, 6-8 PM EST, via Zoom conferencing

Want to cultivate authentic, profitable income sources?
Have ideas for a business, but are unclear what the final product should look like?
Have an existing business, but need clarity on where to focus next?

Dreaming seems abstract, but it’s actually a highly-productive, specific and authentic method to address business issues. Dreaming works because in dreams we scout to the future. You can use dreaming to:

  • Observe your future business, take notes on operations and implement the successes.
  • Gain advice from former living-legend business leaders.
  • Dream for business ideas, such as products, pricings, clientele, locations, and any specific information you need. For example, the “BearDog Dreaming” answered Cassandra's dream question: what should I name my business? The logo was bonus information from the dream!

This 2 hour workshop will provide you with skills to use nocturnal and intentional dreaming methods to help you find creative, authentic answers to your business dilemmas. You’ll learn how to:

  • Keep a dream journal to help with your business.
  • Do the Lightning Protocol to analyze your dream and make an action plan.
  • Do an intentional dream to help solve one of your current problems.

Additionally, you’ll learn different types of intentional dreams to help with future problems. These are important to know because dreams access unlimited knowledge. Imagine Harriet Tubman who helped free slaves in the Underground Railroad. She brought people to safety not with a map, but by following dreams that told her literal places to go. Generations live on due to this woman following her dreams. You can use this approach for your business to influence what you’ll do and who you’ll impact.

This online Zoom event: $25